The real value is in planning and not the plan


Planning is a core OHP skill and the value is in the purposeful act of planning and not in the plan itself. Plans rarely survive contact with the real world but our ability to plan, often quickly when under pressure, is critical for optimal performance.

Sunday in OHP land, or whatever day is before your main work week begins,  is typically a planning day. A time to think ahead and create a schedule that will help you achieve your Goals (see Roles & Goals).

Ideally when you develop your Plans they will be integrated, linked to the elements of your Performance Triad (Rest & Recovery, Food & Nutrition and Work & Training). I cannot understate the importance of putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard to make it real. Whether the plan materialises as you hope or expect doesnt really matter, what matters is that by making it real you are making a statement to yourself of intent which makes it easier to apply later on when your surrounded by distractions and noise.


The Weekly Planner is a simple tool that allows you to get your core plan for the week in place covering all aspects of the Performance Triad. It enables you to think about and account for the relationships between your key cycles – what training and other activities you are doing, how you are going to Fuel that training for maximal impact and how you are going to rest and recover properly.

You can start in any zone (Work & Training, Food & Nutrition or Rest & Recovery) but  we suggest you orientate your planning around the commitments you have made and the specific goals in your long term plans. Secondly, consider that Protocols you are using and how they affect the plan. Location is also key – setting yourself up and planning WHERE you will be, enables you to optimise the environment around you for effective working whether its acccess to your VideoCam for Online Meetings or being close to the pool to get your Endurance Swim in, planning where you will be adds hours of available time by avoiding unplanned or unnecessary travel.

OHP Week Planner - Jan 18

So let’s look at this with a real example.

Example: This year your Primary Goal as an Athlete is to get UTMB Qualified so your Work & Training plan is based on an Endurance build up cycle in Quarter 1 so your plan for the week needs to include 3 long run/walk sets. You also have some all day workshops to fit in for Work that you need to travel to. Your Secondary Goal as an Athlete and also as a Family is to do a Tough Mudder so you are working on building up Upper Body Strength so you are following a SuperSlow Protocol to maximise time to impact.

OHP Week Planner - John D - 2018-01-21

You can download the OHP Planner Template in Printable & Editable format here.



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