Launch of the new OHP Coach Tip of the Day on Amazon Alexa

We are really pleased to be able to share a new way to work with the Optimal Human Performance Coaching team. From January 2018 we are offering the “OHP Coach Tip of the Day” as a skill in the Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing. This means when you ask Alexa for your daily news or information briefing on any Alexa compatible device you will get a regularly updated tip, trick or hack. We hope to provide you with a new tip each day following the general curriculum followed by the original OHP programme – the Performance Triad. This means that in addition to Individual, Team, and Organisational coaching, Events, and Interventions and the growing library of Tools & Methods available on the website you will be able to get regular micro-interventions from this popular Virtual Cognitive Assistant.

Adding Amazon Alexa skill to your Flash Briefing or News Feed

To add the skill follow the instructions below or you can find similar instructions through Amazon’s help pages.

Open the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile phone


Click on the Menu in the top left hand corner of the screen



Select Skills


Search for “Optimal Human Performance” and select the Optimal Human Performance Tip of the Day”



Click on “Enable”


Check that the skill is ON


Return your echo and ask for your Flash Briefing or News in the normal way.

Hope you find the tips valuable. We’d love to hear any comments or feedback as you use this new skill.



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