Top 5 Fuels for Optimal Human Performance #1 – Fresh Air

The number one high-performance fuel is Fresh air. Immediate performance gains can be achieved at any level by increasing the uptake of Oxygen but also to mobilize and activate the Autonomous nervous system.

Choose the appropriate breathing protocol for the situation you are facing:

  • Piston – imagine a piston driving up and down at high tempo forcing air in and out to energize and create power. Use in conjunction with a power pose to get ready for a big, high impact physical or mental challenge like a hill sprint or high jump.
  • Box –  (Sometimes called Square) – imagine a box with equal sides – breathing in for 5 seconds, pause for 5 seconds, breath out for 5 seconds and pause for 5 seconds. Increase the time for each stage as your confidence increases. Use this as one of your Immediate Action Drill’s when under pressure or when you want to relax.
  • Oval – imagine an egg and aim for a long cycle, low tempo, continuous breathing engaging your stomach and breathing deep into the diaphragm. Use this when you want to concentrate and focus.

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