Top 5 Fuels for Optimal Human Performance #3 – Fasting

Emerging work from Dominic D’Agostino, Tim Noakes, Aseem Malhotra and practical experience with the likes of Jeff Volek, Stephen Phinney and Dave Scott (Six times Ironman World Champ) is showing that less is actually more.

Intermittent fasting and training in a fasted state increases your body’s ability to operate for longer (supporting those focused on endurance based goals) by improving your ability to metabolise the fat already available in your body as well as use Ketones rather than relying on Carbohydrate and other extraneous fuel like gels to keep core functions working. In addition – increasing levels of fat adaptation and controlling insulin response by limiting sugar and refined carbohydrate consumption improves cognitive function.

Next time you go for a long, steady ride or run try relying on your natural reserve and top up with water.


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