Kevlar Koffee (the OHP take on Bulletproof)


10g Grass Fed Butter

20g Ketosource Pure C8 MCT Oil

210ml of your favorite black coffee



Add all ingredients to a Nutribullet or similar mixer and razz up for 10-15 seconds. Pour into your favorite cup and enjoy this creamy, energy releasing, mind enhancing mix whilst writing down your HVT’s (High-Value Tasks) for the day.



We use Damien Blenkinsopp‘s Pure C8 MCT oil as he uses the best methods we know to extract pure Caprylic acid which isolates the most potent MCT’s better than most, it’s also available on Amazon and come’s in 1 ltr bottles. Damien is also a well-recognized advisor in the Keto performance space and worth listening to on his Podcast “The Quantified Body” and at this Keto Meetup events.

Kerrygold is often considered the “gold standard” when it comes to grass-fed butter but if you don’t live in southern Ireland it might come at a hefty environmental cost. And finding butter from cows that have spent most, if not all their time, outdoor living on grass is easier now than in the past so we typically try to find something local, something organic and mostly grass fed.

The choice of coffee is up to you – we are broad spectrum – and have tried most options from filter, to drip, to outlet Americano, to two large shots from the right hand side of the Nespresso machine to Whole Foods Bryant Park Nitro Cold Brew warmed up in the office microwave.

Kombat Kevlar – travel, busy schedules and poor planning can result in epic Kevlar Koffee failures. Dropping a couple of pats of decent butter into a takeaway cup of hot coffee is actually pretty good – no froth, not so creamy but a really good, high fat power up on the move.





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