Why we need to reimagine the way people, teams and machines work together

Organisations are struggling to find practical ways to improve performance with Digital technologies

  • Users struggle to execute strategies through to successful conclusion as the rules determining what route to take are unclear and the user paradigms across systems are inconsistent
  • Data & insights are extensive but confidence remains low resulting in excessive time being spent on identifying whether the facts are reliable enough to make a decision
  • The risk, real or imagined, associated with getting decisions wrong or failing to complete actions are not accurately calculated or visible to the decision maker resulting in inferior or delayed results from decisions
  • Advanced Analytics can predict outcomes but Decision making is not getting any better as the right, refined insight, required to make a specific decision isn’t available at the right point in time or location
  • Robotic Process Automation systems can automate transactional, rules-based tasks but workers are not being released to do higher value work so real improvement to the human or the organization arent realized

Six Levers to Transform Performance


To address the challenge leaders need to look at how to influence six key levers:

Shift Up Gearstick

Shift Up using Intelligent Automation, that combines base RPA with Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Data Visualisation, enhanced UI’s and Ambient Assistance, to free up Operators to do higher value work and enabling “fire and forget” execution of tasks through to completion

Amplify Volume Balance

Amplify the effectiveness of operators & decision makers using Advanced Analytics, Recommendation Engines & Data Visualisation to deliver more relevant, personalized, actionable insights to Decision Makers helping them make better, lower risk, higher impact decisions


Augment human performance through ambient cognitive assistants, available where and when Operators needs them and facilitate the flow of work between individuals and teams, inside and outside the organization.

Speed Up Cheetah

Speed Up end to end execution by Designing, Simulating, Engineering & Orchestrating ”Flows of Work” that can be deployed into the business, optimized, adapted and refined in flight enabling users to see more tasks through to successful conclusion.


Adapt to the dynamic needs of the business and the expectations of users. By adopting a multidisciplinary squad team structure, using agile delivery methods and tools, and leveraging open technologies to connect to a web of ecosystems that when orchestrated can deliver the required functionality quickly and confidently.


Sense activity across the entire network of cognitive nodes, proactively looking for patterns and opportunities to improve outcomes for customers, operators, and suppliers.  Leverage computational linguistics to improve human machine interaction and Deep Learning to detect and predict user needs and intents earlier in the flow, using Recommendation Engines to suggest resolution paths and velocity of action across the business. By liberating data we design ways to deliver better, more relevant insights, in the format & channel that users prefer, at the right moment to maximize situational awareness along value chains.

Flow of Work Optimisation

A unique human-centric approach that analyses and assesses the nature of work, the people & teams, the workspace, the interfaces, processes, procedures and methods that orchestrate the execution of work and the systems and data on which the operations are executed.

This enables us to rapidly reconfigure the fundamental wiring of the business to optimize for business outcomes, user expectations, and operator effectiveness.

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 22.23.40

Using a combination of Data-Driven Experience Design, Dynamic Workflow Design & Simulation, High-Velocity Engineering it can enable organizations to redesign the way they are wired to deliver optimal outcomes at speed.

Super Squads

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 22.30.59

By forming small, agile squads that compile diverse knowledge and skills including Designers, Data Scientists, AI Engineers, Process Engineers, Domain & Function Experts and a flexible range of other skills it is possible to rapidly develop practical Digital interventions that are accessible to users through the channels and methods they prefer (Email, Voice, Virtual Voice, Chat etc) to execute the tasks they are responsible for faster and more efficiently.





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